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Fonio, 3 good reasons to choose it

by Obà - 2019/05/03

The first questions that we usually get asked are how to eat Fonio, what are the flour’s applications and how it is compared to Quinoa. We will try to give you some answers as to why Fonio is a great choice.

Fonio, 3 good reasons to choose it

Let's go through the most common (and legitimate!) curiosities about this grain and why Fonio is getting on the spotlight among others, already popular, ancient grains.

1. You like Quinoa and you wonder why to try Fonio?

We often read, even from trustworthy sources such as National Geographic, that Fonio will be the new Quinoa. We don’t believe that it will replace Quinoa in any way, or that one is better or worse than the other. Fonio is simply an incremental opportunity, a new taste, on the tables of all those who love 100% natural food such as the ancient grains and a healthy and nutritious eating.

The first thing they share is being naturally gluten-free. In addition to that, Fonio compared to Quinoa, has a sweeter taste and the consistency closer to Cous Cous and Millet, since it does not have the outer coating of saponin which Quinoa has and which can have toxic effects. Fonio’s more delicate taste makes it a delicious dish side for vegetables, meat or fish, never overwhelming the flavor of the dish.

From the nutritional stand point, they both bring high beneficial properties: high content of mineral (iron, magnesium, zinc), supply of fibers, low calorie. Quinoa, since a pseudo-cereal, has a higher protein content, while Fonio is rich in the 8 essential amino acids, methionine and cysteine. The first is useful for the digestive system and metabolism, helping to expel heavy metals. Cysteine ​​bring natural anti-aging benefits with its antioxidant action.

So, two real super-food! Whereas Fonio, in terms of diffusion, is like Quinoa about 10 years ago.

2. How can we eat Fonio grains ?

As said earlier, the basic use is as cous cous, along with some vegetables. A quick dish to prepare, nutritionally light and balanced, with the right amount of carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and proteins. Fonio's delicate taste emphasize other ingredients. Try it for vegetable stuffing, vegan balls or cous cous with meat or fish.

Fonio is also excellent in cooked dishes, as you can see in our recipes. For example, it is delicious as stuffing for vegetables, or for vegan burger or meatballs. In fact, the high content of starch compared to Quinoa, make Fonio perfect in vegan burgers or in meatballs without egg, since it guarantees an excellent "tightness" of the dough.

Fonio grains are delicious for desserts as well. The grain, not particularly hard, is indicated for biscuits, giving that rustic taste of a whole grain.

3. How can Fonio’s flour be used ?

Fonio Obà’s flour, type 1 therefore a wholemeal flour, is the actual star which is surprising everybody, perhaps even ourselves ... it is used by chefs, food services, bakers and pasta manufacturers !
Despite it is gluten-free, it shows an incredible flexibility, always turning out in stretchy dough. It is comparable to the workability of maize flour, technically a very "strong" flour in doughs. In ensures excellent results used by itself as well as mixed with rice and maize fours for bread, pasta and pizza and any other baked goods.

One of Fonio flour strengths is the high starch content, which means that there is no need for additional injections of starches from other refined flours (e.g. cornstarch), nor for thickener or stabilizer, to obtain excellent leavened products.

Fonio flour, allows to overcome the typical "sandiness" of rice flour and gives it a sweet aroma and, why not, rustic taste.

Have we answered your curiosities ? Otherwise please contact us, it will be a pleasure to speak with you directly.

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