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Fonio Obà: media coverage

by Obà - 2019/08/30

Major media coverage and editorials on our launch of Fonio in Europe.

Fonio Obà: media coverage

It has been a year since we, of Obà Food, brought Fonio to your tables, a grain so ancient and so innovative at the same time. Fonio has enjoyed an unexpected success in such a short time: the grains and the flour have been really appreciated from consumers who looks for an alternative to corn, quinoa or teff.

Everybody liked Fonio and this encourages us in our food innovation journey. Actually, the Fonio Obà pasta, which has just been released, will be a further opportunity to appreciate the delicate taste and nutritional properties of the cereal.

Newspapers, magazines and TVs have regularly started to talk about this cereal, its history and its incredible nutritional benefits. Fonio, in fact, represents the real novelty in recent years in the field of healthy eating and sustainable agriculture. Before we started the project, almost nobody, had ever heard about Fonio.

Here are some of the Italian articles and TV programs that gave space to Fonio, which we thank for having contributed to spread the awareness about this natural and sustainable grain:

We hope you will give soon a try to Fonio and we really look forward to hearing your feedbacks!

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