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OK to Fonio, EU Approves Obà

by Obà - 2019/01/07

The European Commission, in the EU Regulation authorizing the placing on the market of Fonio, acknowledges our pioneering role in launching this Novel Food - Obà Food is the Italian Company who initiated the process to bring this superfood to Europe.

Healthy Super Food

Are you keen about delicious and healthy food? Then, the launch of Fonio Obà might be good news for you. Fonio, a precious ancient grain from West-Africa, has been neglected for thousands of years but it is extremelly reach in nutritional properties and naturally gluten-free, similar to quinoa.

The European Commission recently issued a Regulation which approves the ancient west-African grain Fonio (Digitaria Exilis) to be marketed in Europe. This Novel Food’s approval process was initiated upon our application, as Obà Food, since we filed the scientific dossier in order to launch this grain in Europe as an innovative and healthy ingredient.

Oba’s commitment for the introduction of Fonio in Europe fits within the wider Company’s mission, supporting biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. In fact, Fonio is grown throughout the sub-Saharan area, it is drought resistant and tolerates poor soil with little water, thriving where nothing else will grow. It is ready for harvest in 6/8 weeks, which makes it always available when other crops are not yet ready. It embeds some natural anti-parasitic substances which make it a perfect fit for an organic and sustainable agriculture.

Fonio, in grains or flour, is an important ingredient for Consumers and Manufacturers, especially in those days when the selection of alternative grains, pseudo-cereal and legumes is becoming synonyms of healthy eating for everybody, given their remarkable nutritional properties and great organoleptic qualities.

This grain is perfect for a healthy and balanced diet: it is gluten-free, rich in protein and essential amino acids, source of fibre, B-vitamins and minerals (iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus). High digestibility, low nickel content and low glycemic index supplement the health benefits.

Fonio is extremely versatile. Grains can be eaten as cous cous, along with some vegetables, meat, fish and it is also delicious as stuffing for vegetables, or for vegan burger and meatballs. Flour, with its delicate taste and incredible elasticity, is a great alternative to other traditional gluten-free flour such as rice, corn or buckwheat and it is ideal for any kind of baked goods, sweet or savory - bread, pasta, pizza and pastries.

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