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Fonio Obà Flour

Type “1” flour of this ancient grain, milled in Italy. Perfect for all baked goods: cakes, cookies, bread, pasta and much more.

Fonio Obà Flour

Type “1” flour of this ancient grain, milled in Italy. Perfect for all baked goods: cakes, cookies, bread, pasta and much more.

You will get amazed by the elasticity and by the strength of the dough, though gluten-free. With its delicate taste it can be combined with all other grain and legume flours.

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Pack: 400g
€ 5,90
VAT included
  • Fonio Obà wholemeal flour is the perfect choice for an healthy and balanced eating and it truly transmits the authenticity and taste of a natural old grain. Fonio, in fact, is a crop belonging to the Millet’s botanic family, which has been harvested and consumed for 5’000 years in West-Africa.

    We milled it as Type “1” on purpose, in order to have it maintaining the taste and all nutritional values of the precious grain. It is naturally gluten free, rich in vegetal protein and fibre, source of minerals and vitamin B.

    By means of an accurate milling process the heating of the grain is avoided the biological impoverishment. This processing ensure the excellent workability and elasticity of the dough and helps its levitation.

    Ingredients: 100% Fonio
    Price / Kg: € 17.80 / Kg

  • Nutrition Information per 100g

    Energy: 1517 kJ - 358 kcal
    Fat: 2,8 g
    - di cui acidi grassi saturi: 0,7 g
    Carbohydrate: 74,4 g
    - di cui: zuccheri: 0,5 g
    Fibre: 3,4 g
    Protein: 7,1 g
    Salt: 0,03 g

    Iron: 7,0 mg (50% RDA)
    Zinc: 1,5 mg (15% RDA)
    Manganese: 0,2 mg (10% RDA)
    Phosphorus: 55,2 mg (8% RDA)
    Magnesium: 19,0 mg (5% RDA)
    Calcium: 7,9 mg (1% RDA)

    RDI: Recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals

  • Fonio Obà flour can be used by itself for pastry and, mixed with other flours (e.g. rice, maize, legume), for any kind of baked goods, bread, pasta and pizza.
    Brewer's yeast is enough to get a natural levitation.

    Our flour has a very low level of humidity and you notice the need of an higher hydration compared to other flours.
    The slightly sweet taste of Fonio might support the decrease of sugar dose compared to the traditional pastry recipes.

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