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Pasta fresca farina di Fonio Obà


Fresh pasta with Fonio Flour

by Rossanina del Santo

If you love fresh homemade pasta, try this recipe with Fonio Obà flour, you will be surprised by the "wheat" flavor of this ancient gluten-free cereal.

We first brought Fonio to Europe, a 5,000 year old cereal with a delicate taste and excellent nutritional properties that make it the perfect choice for a healthy and balanced diet.

Fonio Obà is a source of protein, fiber, rich in mineral salts such as iron and zinc, supply of B vitamins, with a low glycemic index and a low nickel content.

Many people have already had the opportunity to appreciate the fragrance and versatility of this 100% natural cereal, which is not the result of any genetic selection or intensive cultivation, but is still cultivated as thousands of years ago.

In addition to flour for your desserts, bread and pasta, you can also enjoy it in grains for excellent couscous or in our new pasta, penne and fusilli with Fonio.

In this recipe, very easy and super tested, we tell you how to prepare amazing spaghetti alla chitarra without egg, a perfect basic recipe for those who love homemade pasta but prefer a lighter version.

  • Preparation:

    45 minutes

  • Dosage for:

    5 people

  • Gluten free

  • No egg

  • Ingredients

    • 90 g Fonio Obà flour
    • 100 g rice flour
    • 100 g potato starch
    • 7 g xanthan
    • 160 g water
    • Grated lemon zest
    • 1,5 Kg clam
    Spaghetti alla chitarra al Fonio


    1 - Mix the powders and the thinly grated lemon zest, add the water and mix for 5/6 minutes in the mixer with the leaf whisk.
    If, instead, you knead by hand: arrange the powders in a bowl, start pouring the lukewarm water in the center, kneading initially with a fork. Once all the water has been put in, knead with your hands for about 7/8 minutes, folding the dough several times on itself.

    2 - Cover the dough with plastic wrap and let it rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.

    3 - Roll out the dough by hand, then with a rolling pin and then place it on the "guitar" to form your spaghetti.

    4 - Now let's move on to the preparation of the clams. Take a bowl, put an inverted fruit saucer inside, arrange the clams on top with water and salt.

    5 - Let the clams purge for at least an hour. Any sand released will remain under the saucer.

    6 - Check that all the clams are still closed and put them in a pan with a clove of garlic and oil. Cover and cook over high heat, open the clams and cook for no more than 10.

    7 - Sauté the pasta in the pan with the clams and your dish is ready!

    Enjoy Your Meal !

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